About Us

A revolution in technology is unlocking value across markets, economies and sectors, and politics and policy are setting the pace.

From AI, data privacy, the energy transition, personalized medicine and more, policymakers nationwide are shaping the themes that will define the market and influence society for a generation.

Markets have long been made and unmade by policy, politics and regulations. What’s new is the speed of change.

Change is now exponentially faster, across more markets, platforms and jurisdictions than ever before. The pace and promise of change is exhilarating for some and unsettling for most. Many are yearning for more control.

Organizations have responded by investing in an arsenal of advisors across multiple disciplines to reclaim a sense of control. The result? Fragmentation, complexity and cost – without better outcomes. Complexity is slowing organizations down when everything is speeding up.

There’s a smarter way.


Anchored within the world’s largest multijurisdictional policy and public affairs group, Concordant is your full-service corporate affairs partner.

Concordant integrates business strategy with full-service communications and bipartisan policy expertise to give our clients more control, enabling them to move faster and outperform even their own expectations.

Relentlessly focused on major market trends. Strategically oriented around your growth objectives. Operators with a broader lens that speak your language.

Our People

We Speak Your Language

Our multidisciplinary teams are drawn from the world’s largest companies, deeply experienced in business strategy, operations, communications and policy.


  • Sarah Wills

  • Debbie Anderson-Brooke



  • Salim Alameddin

  • Michelle Baker

  • Brad Bosserman

  • John Breaux Sr.

  • Barry Brown

  • Cindy Brown

  • Brendan Buck

  • Mike Burns

  • Vanessa Cajina

  • Joe Crosby

  • Rick Davis

  • Scott Deitz

  • Paul DioGuardi

  • John Doherty

  • Jay Driscoll

  • Jenny Dudikoff

  • Jeff Forbes

  • Trevor Francis

  • Christy Gamble

  • Thomas Gensemer

  • Matt George

  • Patrick George

  • Jason Gleason

  • Amilia Glickman

  • Gordon Goldstein

  • John Green

  • Libby Greer

  • Trevor Hanger

  • Casey Hernandez

  • Brittany Hernandez

  • Ed Hill

  • Adam Hitchcock

  • Jay Ireland

  • Cheryl Jaeger

  • Todd Johnson

  • Courtney Johnson

  • Pat Joyce

  • Mathew Lapinski

  • Stephanie Leger

  • Rich Lopez

  • Sen. Trent Lott

  • Donna Lucas

  • Alison Macleod

  • Ed Manning

  • Rob Mathias

  • Ryan McConaghy

  • Samantha McLean

  • Rachel Miller

  • Chris Miller

  • Drew O'Brien

  • Tom O'Neill

  • Scott Olson

  • Lucy Panza

  • Curtis Philp

  • Steve Posner

  • Cassandra Pye

  • Keenan Austin Reed

  • Edward Reno

  • Joe Rinzel

  • Jon Ross

  • Elisabeth Rutledge

  • Jason Schendle

  • Paul Schrimpf

  • Rhod Shaw

  • Jessyca Sheehan

  • Erik Smith

  • Jamie Smith

  • Eric Solomon

  • Jamin Spitzer

  • Frank Steinberg

  • Andrew Stern

  • Jeff Strunk

  • Dan Tate

  • Travis Taylor

  • Cornell Teague

  • Greg Thompson

  • Barrett Thornhill

  • Colin Tooze

  • Doug Usher

  • Jason Van Pelt

  • Camille Wagner

  • Hon. Greg Walden

  • Todd Weiss

  • Stefan Weitz

  • Brian White

  • Zach Williams

  • Shayne Woods