Key Markets for Long-Term Growth and Resilience

In addition to communications and bipartisan policy experts in every industry sector, Concordant features multidisciplinary practice groups structured around the most important economic and political themes of our time.

Our Market Themes practice groups are experts in developing, shaping and communicating the strategic themes in which organizations are investing for long-term growth and resilience. Our specialists have long-standing, trusted relationships with the policymakers who matter and the journalists who shape the stories transforming business and society as we know it.

AI, Data and Robotics

The commercialization of generative AI has the potential for unique value creation and societal advancement, while at the same time encompassing concerns with respect to data privacy, bias mitigation, data governance, and ethics. With the technology constantly evolving, achieving the right balance of building for the future with stability and security is the central technology question for policymakers nationwide.

Energy Transition

In an era of energy-intensive technology such as AI, cryptocurrencies, and increased semiconductor production, powering growth requires a sustainable mix of traditional energy sources, renewables, grid flexibility, and the infrastructure needed to support electric and autonomous vehicles. Policy and regulatory frameworks will determine the speed with which society and the market unlock the growth potential of the energy transition.

Life Sciences, Biotech and Precision Care

Biopharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and the promise of AI-enabled precision care are generating not only breakthrough technologies and improved patient outcomes, but also high-velocity growth. Policymakers are working to support research that accelerates discovery of therapeutics and diagnostics, while also focusing on the cost and value of next-generation biotechnology.

Alternative Assets

Over the last decade, the private markets have risen to a mainstream component of diversified investment portfolios. The alternative asset sector has experienced significant evolution and growth driven by increased institutional investment, diversification, advanced analytics tools, and the rise of cryptocurrencies. As this sector continues to expand and innovate, policymakers are considering questions of antitrust, market stability, consumer protection, and fair competition.

Trade, Tariffs and Supply Chain Resiliency

Organizations are reshaping supply chains due to geopolitical complexities and to enhance operational resiliency post-pandemic. This dynamic, combined with an evolving U.S. trade policy and incentives for domestic production, particularly for supplies critical to national security, has focused Boards and leadership teams on the importance of trade policy and supply chain resiliency in their strategic growth plans.


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In addition to our Market Themes practice groups that specialize in the most important economic and political themes of our time, Concordant features bipartisan policy and communications experts in every industry sector. We cover the waterfront on every policy and political issue, providing decision makers with real-time and predictive political, policy and regulatory insights and analysis.