One Strategy, One Team

Anchored within the world’s largest multijurisdictional policy and public affairs group, Concordant Advisory is your full-service corporate affairs partner. We tell your story, your way to your most business-critical audiences.

We Speak Your Language


When policy and regulations present a strategic opportunity for growth, or an existential risk to your business, we deliver streamlined, integrated, federal and state government relations, audience insights, strategic communications and public affairs with one strategy and one team.

  • Multijurisdictional, bipartisan government affairs
  • Data-driven message development
  • Full-service communications
  • Rapid response issue management
  • Coalition building and management

We Tell Your Story


We utilize long-standing, trusted relationships with the policymakers who matter and the journalists who drive the conversation, empowering organizations to frame the narrative for their most critical audiences.

  • Full-service corporate reputation advisory
  • Corporate positioning and data-driven precision message development
  • Board and executive communications, media relations and rapid response issues management
  • Employee engagement, with emphasis on corporate transformation and reorganization
  • Social media and digital marketing

We Know Your Sector


Our multidisciplinary teams specialize in the most important economic and political themes of our time, providing decision makers with real-time and predictive political, policy and regulatory insights and analysis.

  • Political risk and value creation scenario planning to support a client’s strategic plan
  • Policy, political and regulatory due diligence
  • Long-term policy outlook reports to inform market expansion and capex investments
  • Rapid response political and policy intelligence in dynamic situations

What’s Ours is Yours

Corporate Affairs

Designed for organizations that lack a full suite of in-house resources or need outside functional expertise. We flex our capabilities to enhance the effectiveness of policy, communications and public affairs functions.

  • Full-service corporate affairs management, including communications, government relations, public affairs, executive thought leadership, social media and digital advertising
  • Organizational design, restructuring, talent retention, key hires and succession planning
  • Executive coaching for functional leaders


Your strategy is the story

Five steps to rethinking value creation

  • 1

    Dig into the financials

    Before we begin, we immerse ourselves in your organization’s strategy.

    We dig into your earnings scripts, investor presentations, 10-K, and other financial reports, bringing an industry analyst mindset on day one and avoid burning cycles on unnecessary ramp-up time.

  • 2

    Deep dive into the stakes

    We collaborate with your C-suite and operational leaders to analyze your markets, products, and profit pools.

    Together, we pinpoint opportunities to utilize multijurisdictional policy and communications for accelerating value creation or safeguarding against existential risks.

  • 3

    Design with data

    Through qualitative and quantitative research, we precisely define your audience and identify who is persuadable.

    Our messaging frameworks are data driven, down to the specific words and phrases that move the needle.

    Live testing refines the messaging, ensuring the strongest possible narrative to tell your story, your way.

  • 4

    Develop the integrated strategy

    We design a cohesive strategy that integrates federal and state government relations, full-service communications, and public affairs into a unified plan and statement of work.

    Our approach ensures that every aspect of your strategy effectively reinforces the others, reducing fragmentation, delay and cost.

  • 5

    Deliver with impact

    We implement your integrated strategy with a tightly coordinated, multifunctional, multijurisdictional policy and communications team.

    Each capability is fully leveraged in real time, providing a seamless client experience that executes with speed and agility.